Monday, February 13, 2012

My Bold Kentucky Home

Since 1999, Raison D'Etre(my folk trio) has been included in the Kentucky Arts Council's Performing Arts Directory. Because of that honor, we have appeared on In Performance at the Governor's Mansion, showcased at the Performing Arts Exchange, and been afforded the chance to be among those performing and selling product at one of the nation's top arts and crafts show, Kentucky Crafted: the Market.

If you've never been to the Market, it includes visually stunning arts and crafts and is jam-packed with literary, musical, culinary, architectural, dramatic and dance events. There's so much to do and see(not to mention buy) that three of my college friends are coming from all points in the Commonwealth to spend the weekend in Lexington…kind of a midpoint meet-up destination for them.

Raison D'Etre is happy to be scheduled for the Kentucky Stage on one of the public days of the event, March 4 at 12 noon. We'll also get to play for the trade traffic on March 1 at 5 pm. And I am very excited to share one of my loves--in fact, the very reason I started this blog--at one of the Market's many workshops. I hope that some of you will join me at the Market for a HealthRhythms Empowerment Drumming Circle. I'll tote the drums to Lexington, so you don't have to bring a thing, but your willingness to express yourself in a new way. I just did a demo for Macy's Art Sampler at Fairfield Community Arts Center, and that group had an excellent time. No prior skill is necessary. If you'd like to know more about HealthRhythms, check out the video at this site where the founders(who trained me), facilitators, and participants tell you their experiences:

You can view the various workshops available at the Market and sign up at this link:

We are so grateful that the Kentucky Arts Council has ramped up the marketing of the total Market experience. They have always been adept at spreading the word about the event itself which has often been rated #1 in annual craft show polls. But this year, they are giving extra attention to the stages and workshops, providing a smart phone app, Facebook page, and many other first-time promotions. So, not to sound like everybody else, but yeah, why not…we'd really be happy if you'd "like" the Kentucky Stage on Facebook as we are trying to reach 100 likes TODAY.

You'd be supporting some really fine musical acts. And making our day.

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